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We are thrilled to offer you our awesome Jet Ski Safaris!

Speed, adventure, unique wildlife, historical points of interest and amazing island beauty are all included in this tour.


This incredible 75 min. watersport Bermuda adventure is suitable for all ages Your guide will give you a detailed orientationof your craft, how to ride it and what to expect on the tour, a lifejacket of course, and then you are off!

What to expect?

Your guide will escort you on a scenic ride of the West end:
  • Blasting across crystal clear waters. as well as exploring the many coves and inlets in the area.
  • Getting very close to the Longtail nests and watching green sea turtles feeding.
  • Visit the HMS Vixen, shipwrecked here since the late 1800’s, where you will feed the many fish that are resident here.
  • Ride through the historic Somerset Bridge, which is actually the smallest drawbridge in the world!

What Jet Skis do we use for our tours? 

Yamaha Waverunner VX Sport Deluxe. We use the Yamaha Waverunners because they are the best!

  • Special hull design for comfort and stability
  • Rear view mirrors
  • Faster than the rest! Our Jet Skis can reach speeds up to 90 kmph
  • Extended rear platform making it much easier to get on and off
  • Neutral and reverse gears
  • 4-stroke engine technology making them quiet and very eco-friendly 

  • Participants must be at least 16 years of age to operate a Jet Ski but passengers may be of any age. 
  • Each double ski cannot exceed the max. weight limit of 350 lbs; a single ski cannot exceed the max. 300 lbs. 
  • This tour is not recommended for persons with limited mobility.
  • Triples are only allowed as one adult plus two small children.

Cancellation Policy: 
  • A 24-hour cancellation policy applies. For cancellations within   24 hours of the scheduled tour or rental start time no refund will be provided; a full refund will be issued for cancellations prior to the 24-hour notice. 
  • We accept cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled tour/rental due to small craft warnings and/or continuous rain.
  • No refunds are given for late arrivals, missed tour/rental start times or no-shows. 
  • To cancel or change a reservation, e-mail h2osportsbermuda@yahoo.com or call 441 234 3082 (please leave a message if we cannot answer). 


Enjoy watersports? For all type of Bermuda watersports, H2O Sports is the place.

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Why us?

We have the ideal location and specialize in personalized tours with much smaller groups which almost guarantees you a more enjoyable experience.

  • Our tours are very personalized. We use a maximum of 5 Jet Skis per guide which allows us to give the experience that we are known for (the other operators use 6-12 Jet Skis per tour).
  • Less Jet Skis means less traffic which makes our tour a much safer one compared to other operators.

Can you imagine taking off on your first Jet Ski tour and you are surrounded​ by 10 other jet skis that are being driven by others who are less experienced than you? It can get a little scary sometimes!

  • We are located in a beautiful, sheltered bay which enables you to get familiar with your craft before venturing out into choppier waters.
  • Our location is not in a 5 knot no-wake-zone (the other operators are located in 5 knot no-wake-zones) so we don't have to use up half your time going very slow at the beginning and the end of your tour.
  • Our guides are very experienced, knowledgeable and fun to be around. You actually get a chance to ask questions and talk to your guide.
  • Our guides also act as coaches. They are there to help you with any riding difficulties you may have. They will be able to see what you are doing wrong before you even realize it. Even if you are a beginner rider, you can usually call yourself an expert by the end of the tour!              
Somerset Bridge        Photo by Gavin Howarth * www.gavinhowarth.com 
The Vixen         Photo by Gavin Howarth * www.gavinhowarth.com
Photo by Nadja Talevi